• express transport in EU countries
  • pick up within 2h
  • medium distance is 1500km in 24h
  • big experience in transport and logistics
  • own fleet and trusted sub-carriers
  • wide range of clients from Poland and EU countries
  • GPS cargo tracking every 1min
  • individual care and contact 24/7
  • modern equipment and experienced drivers

Our specialties

We specialize in making express transport in EU countries (also Switzerland , Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Norway ) Goods we carry vary from a single carton up to 8pallets max 1500kg. We pick up goods within 2h and deliver same day or next day morning. Distance up to 1500km is covered in 24h. Means of transport: vans of 3500kg GVW (gross vehicle weight) without tachograph that can go anywhere and have no limitations. Trucks are modern, fully equipped and our drivers are elite warriors so we can beat the competition and leave them behind winning the battles to deliver goods on-time.

  • as a freight-forwarder we also handle full truck loads (trailers 13,6m) and partloads (from a single carton to furniture, pallets and other neutral goods ) excluding over-sized loads
  • we can organize reloads
  • carrying dangerous goods ADR and temperature-controlled cargo
  • out fleet is equipped with GPS devices so that we can monitor positions and keep track every minute
  • we speak Polish, English, German and Italian
  • consulting services in subject of road transport in EU
  • when job is on our agent is at your disposal 24h